How We Work

At every stage of our business, from assessing growers and their farming methods,
all the way through to how produce is presented at the retail level, we listen to what you need, and carry it out. To the letter.

1. Enquiry

Contact us, and one of our highly-trained customer service representatives will meet with you to discuss your particular needs, r in a manner most convenient to you.

2. Account ​​

Our customer service representatives work hand-in-hand with an account manager who oversees your account. They ensure every specification you require is met—whether you require particular products from a particular location, or whether you need a small order or multiple containers

3. Ordering ​

Once you have placed your order, it is immediately tracked on our comprehensive order logging system. What this means in practice is that our operations and logistics teams instantly prepare for the delivery of your order, assigning room in our cold storage facilities and in our delivery fleet.

4. Quality

With our strict attention to quality assurance, our produce arrives fresh and in perfect quality. And, after a final rigorous assessment by our quality control professionals, we dispatch it to you shortly afterwards.

5. Delivery

An appropriate means of delivery is selected. We deliver on time and to the place you specify. Our fleet is monitored by satellite, meaning that we can check at any time to see exactly where your order is, 24/7. And, there is always someone available who is responsible for your account, should you need to call or email. 

6. Post Delivery

Once you have received your order, your account manager will follow up and address any outstanding issues or queries you might have, and deal promptly with them so you do not have to face any inconvenience. 

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